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We hope that you enjoyed the holidays and took some time for yourself. Here are some insights for making the most of 2023…

The investment markets and performance experience in 2022 left much to be desired. The best way through this is to collaborate with your trusted advisor regarding your plan and your timeline. Advised households have a significant advantage over unadvised households.

If you are under 50 it is very likely that you still have time on your side to take a strategic approach to continued investing. Reviewing what you hold and where new contributions should go is more important than ever. Monitoring emergency savings and how they are held is essential to your long-term success.

If you are over 50 and looking forward to retirement, meeting with your trusted advisor more frequently will help you achieve this success. If you have some accounts or funds that are currently down, there is no need to panic. There are ways to invest from now until retirement that can enhance your entry to retirement.

For the already retired, this is the trickiest spot. Redemptions (withdrawals / income) from investments during turbulent times can have a greater negative impact on your overall investment performance because losses are crystalized. It makes it more difficult for your portfolio to recover through market improvements alone. Monitoring this through regular meetings with your advisor will help you get through this in the best way possible.

We believe that wealth management should align with your goals and values. The selected investment platform and investment allocation should serve your timeline, life stage, and more. Additionally, you should review beneficiary designations and allocation regularly to ensure that this alignment stays strong. Options for your wealth management are vast: banks, self-directed portfolios, robo, segregated funds, and in many cases, custom portfolio management through a legal fiduciary. If you are not sure what you hold, we can let you know. Book a call to find out today.

As a firm we have dedicated the last few years to optimizing your investments. We accomplished this through an unimaginable amount of paperwork, aligning our compensation with investment performance in all possible accounts. Exceptions to this are older non-registered accounts that have large unrealized gains, and therefore the taxes to you would be significant. With these changes the fees charged on your investments are even lower, and exceptionally competitive within the Canadian marketplace. The outcome is higher investment values than what would have resulted in older plan designs.

April 30, 2023 is the tax filing deadline for personal taxes. If you need help with this please let us know, our network of professionals is ready to collaborate with us for your success. We are also here to support clients in optimizing RRSP contributions before the March 1st, 2023 deadline, as appropriate. Last, will you be receiving an Affordability Payment? Contact us to find out how you can turn this $600 benefit into $720 of savings.

We are here for you. Please reach out to our fabulous team… Call or email Brianna Tipping, our Investment Client Services Representative (investments@holdentaylor.ca or 403. 273.8660 x 2) or book a meeting with Crystal Taylor using her booking link. Meetings with Scott Holden can be arranged by calling or emailing Brianna. You can also consult this handy financial calendar for important deadlines.