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At Holden + Taylor, we offer three financial client programs to cater to the individual needs of our clients at different stages of their financial journey. These programs are:


Designed for clients who are just starting their financial journey and looking to lay the groundwork for a solid financial foundation.


Aimed at clients with a good handle on their finances and looking to take their wealth-building efforts to the next level.


Tailored for clients who are already financially prosperous and are looking to maximize their wealth and achieve their long-term financial goals.

Regardless of which stage our clients are in, our team of experienced financial advisors is here to provide personalized guidance and support every step of the way.



As an Abundant Client your future is secure with a wide range of options available to you. You are confident in your assets and are now wanting to pursue your passions and aspirations, maybe even philanthropy. You may also wish to protect the legacy that you have made. You want to ensure your loved ones are supported by you after you pass.  

Together, we can review your goals and realign them to where you are in life. We can craft your financial plan to reflect your aspirations and goals. We can determine your next steps, and help you get there. We can review your estate documents, including your will, to ensure your loved one are cared for. With access to our circle of professionals, we can help your wishes be fulfilled.

Holden + Taylor offers several services to help you achieve your financial goals, including:

  • 3-4 meetings per year 
  • Review of all lending documents 
  • Full beneficiary audit 
  • Full investment fee audit 
  • 1-4 Plan Update Annually 
  • Comparison year to year 
  • Review of all taxes 
  • Written tax plan 
  • Review of estate plan 
  • Written estate plan
  • One family meeting every 24 months 
  • Comprehensive recommendations 
  • Collaborating with existing professionals 
  • Access to Holden + Taylor’s network of professionals 
  • Estate Services (through a different agreement) 

We work closely with you and your existing professionals to provide a personalized and comprehensive approach to financial planning.